Health Insurance


Our Philosophy

Life is about experiencing every good bit of it throughout one’s lifetime; be it a walk in the park with your parents or building memories of playing with your little one. At Pinak Group, we understand that these experiences can be truly rejoiced when one lives a healthy life without having to worry about any unforeseen medical issues.

Our Solutions

In line with our objective of ensuring good health…hamesha! Our various Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans helps safeguard you & your family against financial risks arising out of a medical emergency. With us by your side you can be assured that while you’re unwell; we’ll take up all the hassles related to your treatment so that you can stay worry free and focus only on your recovery.


We have Various Health Insurance Options and Add-ons to choose From.

  • In Patent Care
  • Pre and Post Hospitalization
  • Individual And Floater Health Care Products
  • Daily Allowance
  • Organ Doner Cover
  • Life long Renew-ability
  • Annual Health Check-up
  • No Claim Bonus
  • Second Opinion
  • Tax benefits

Ask Our Executives for Senior Citizens plan whereby we require no Health Check ups and also covering Diabetes and Hypertension.  

Global Coverage
Quality Healthcare cannot have boundaries.So if you ever feel the need to get treated at an Overseas facility,rest assured,we at Pinak have Global Healthcare solutions for you and that to on a cashless Basis.So don’t delay and don’t wait.Call our Executives to Assist you.